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Carina Ascherl: Investigating teachers' digital literacies in first language teaching. An interdisciplinary and international Delphi study.

Politics, research and educational initiatives call for the promotion of skills and competencies in dealing with new technologies in schools. This is to enable adolescents to become responsible, functional and socially active members of our contemporary and future society that has changed and will change even more in the future under the influence of the world’s digitalisation and automatisation. Within this context, the notion of what ‘literacy’ means in educational contexts has expanded in significant ways, focusing not just on reading and writing anymore but on ‘digital literacies’ as well. Still, the integration of digital technologies into daily teaching in schools remains low as research shows. An explanation for this is teachers’ lacking competencies in incorporating digital technologies in teaching. Teachers need to be qualified both in their own use and in the didactic-methodological use of digital media in order to prepare students for the world being shaped by digital technologies. They need to be ‘digitally literate’ themselves.

Therefore, within the scope of this dissertation project, the research interest lies within the investigation of digital literacies that teachers of all types of schools working in first language teaching need in order to develop pedagogies that cater to learners’ digital literacies needs. In order to offer a global perspective, both Australian and German first language teaching contexts are chosen to exemplify this. In order to answer the research question, pre-selected experts from different fields related to the study topic are to be interrogated by using the Delphi technique as the means of collecting data. The panel is planned to include an interdisciplinary network of partners representing a range of diverse domain background with relevant expertise in the project core area from both Australia and Germany.
In the synopsis of a literature review and the outcomes of the Delphi study, a framework showing teachers’ necessary digital literacies in first language teaching is to be developed. This framework should serve to give implications for training prospective first language teachers in future higher education.


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